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Avila Beach Piers – Everything You Need to Know

Avila Beach is home to three piers – Avila Beach Pier, Harford Pier and California Polytechnic State University Pier. All three piers are popular attractions and offer visitors to the area unique experiences. Both Avila Beach and Harford Piers are open to the public, while the Cal Poly Pier is part of the university’s marine research program. In recent years the piers have become a site for whale watching as grays and humpback whales often come into the bay during feeding season. What should you expect during a visit to each pier? Read on to find out! Avila Beach Pier First constructed in 1908 and extending almost directly south from the main beach in Avila Beach, the Avila Beach Pier stands 1,685 feet in length and is open for tourist strolling and recreational fishing. As a public pier, fishing from the pier is free and doesn’t require a license. During Avila Beach’s heyday as a bustling import and export hub, the pier welcomed passenger ships and fishing vessels. The pier still si

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